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Automotive Suspension Myths You Might Assume Are True

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There are many pieces of misinformation that can be misleading to individuals that are trying to effectively maintain their automobiles. This can result in individuals accidentally making mistakes with their vehicles that could lead to the need for expensive repairs or extremely disruptive performance problems.

Myth: The Suspension System Is Only For The Comfort Of Those Riding In The Vehicle

While your vehicle's suspension system will be able to greatly improve the comfort of those riding in the vehicle, it can also serve other functions as well. For example, the vibrations from driving can cause some of the components of the vehicle to loosen over time, which can lead to serious performance problems or the vehicle completely failing. Additionally, it can be difficult to effectively control a vehicle that has a compromised suspension system because it may be more difficult for you to anticipate how it will react as you drive over rough roads or terrain.

Myth: Suspension Systems Are Maintenance Free

All of the mechanical parts of your vehicle will require some degree of maintenance to stay in good condition, but the suspension system is one of the components that will often be overlooked when it comes to maintaining the vehicle. Typically, the maintenance needs for the suspension system will not be very difficult to meet as these components will only need to be serviced every few months or longer. During this work, the suspension system will be balanced, lubricated and inspected for signs of damage. Eventually, the suspension system will need to be replaced in order to continue providing stable performance for the vehicle. The maintenance schedule for the suspension system can be found in the owner's manual for the vehicle, but you may need more frequent service visits if you are regularly driving over rough terrain as this could put additional strain on the suspension system.

Myth: Lowering Your Suspension Always Improved Performance

There are many changes that can be made to your vehicle to improve performance. Some individuals might assume that lowering the vehicle suspension will always improve the handling of the vehicle. While some individuals may find this to be the case, it is not always true. Lowering the vehicle may actually reduce performance as it can increase the risk of scraping the bottom of the vehicle. To better understand the impacts that this change can have, you may want to speak with an automotive professional. They will be able to explain the impacts that lowering the vehicle will have as well as helping you to determine the optimal height.

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