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A Quick Look At The Vintage Car Air Conditioning Installation Process

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If you have a vintage car but find touring is too hot in the summer without air conditioning, talk to a vintage car mechanic about adding air conditioning. Having cool air adds a lot of enjoyment when touring and showing off your vintage car since you'll be cool and comfortable. Here's what you should know about vintage car air conditioning installation.

Kits Make It Easy To Add Air Conditioning

You or your mechanic can buy a universal air conditioning kit that allows you to add AC to just about any car. A nice thing about the parts in these kits is they are lightweight compared to old AC parts that were heavy and could strain the engine or affect the performance of your car.

A Universal AC Installs Under The Dash

A universal air conditioning system for a vintage car attaches to the underside of your car's dash. That allows the unit to fit perfectly and provide a cool stream of air toward the driver and passengers. Plus, this allows cables to pass through the front of the car to the engine area so they'll be out of sight.

The kit has dials on the front so you can adjust the temperature and blower speed to your liking. Your new air conditioner will be slightly noticeable, but it will work just like any other air conditioner to keep you cool and comfortable as you drive around town or on the open highway.

All Parts Are Included In The Kit

The kit should include everything the mechanic needs to install the air conditioner. It should even have spacers so everything fits. Parts included are the condenser, compressor, blower, fan, temperature control, and evaporator. It even comes with the hoses and brackets needed to mount the parts. The mechanic can supply the refrigerant for the system.

The Installation Process Is Straightforward

Vintage car air conditioning installation isn't too difficult for a mechanic who knows their way around a car engine. The condenser and compressor are mounted in the engine area, and the hoses are passed through to the evaporator unit in the console under the dash. The mechanic can probably install the air conditioning unit in an afternoon as long as no problems arise.

The final step is to fill the refrigerant and then test the AC to make sure it's functioning properly and blowing out cold air. Once the work is done, you'll be able to cruise comfortably on the hottest days of summer and get more fun out of your vintage car.