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All Original Restorations: 4 Tips To Keep Engines Original And Running Like New

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If you are a car enthusiast and have found your dream car, you may be interested in keeping it as original as possible. The problem is that when you are doing restoration work, you want to keep things like the engine original but still make it run like it did the day it came off the showroom floor. Here are some tips to help with engine restorations:

1. Finding A Solid Car with A Solid Drive Train to Start With

The first step in doing an auto restoration is finding a solid car to begin with. You may want to consider the drive train if you are trying to do a completely original restoration project. Find a car that runs and drives and only needs a few repairs or for the drive train to be rebuilt. You may want to have two cars; one for a good drive train and one that has a completely straight body to use for parts and repairs.

2. Deciding Whether It Is Possible to Have All the Numbers Match

You will also need to decide whether you want to have all the numbers on your car match. This means that parts like the body, transmission, and engine all must have the same numbers that the car had when it came from the factory. Depending on the model of car you are planning on restoring, it can be costly to find a car with all matching numbers, even if the car is in poor condition and needs to be completely restored.

3. Rebuilding A Solid Engine to Keep Everything as Original as Possible

If you cannot find matching numbers and need an engine, you will want to rebuild the engine. Even if the numbers match, you are probably going to want to rebuild the engine to ensure it is running like new. When rebuilding the engine, make sure that you use as many original parts as possible and/or reach out to a place like First Class Engines.

4. Other Original Parts of The Drive Train and Deciding to Rebuild or Replace Them

There are other parts of the drive train that you may need to rebuild or replace. When replacing these parts and doing repairs, make sure to use original casing wherever possible. In addition, you will also want to paint all the drive train parts with the original factory paint colors.

These are some tips to help with auto restorations and keeping the engine as original as possible. If you are ready to start rebuilding your car, contact an auto engine service for help with repairs.