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What To Do With An Old, Run Down Car

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If you have reached the point in time when your car is no longer able to be driven, that doesn't mean that it has completely lost its value. It doesn't really matter how run down and old your car might be, because you can still get some money for it. So how do you get rid of that old, run down car of yours the right way?

The car's condition and your financial situation probably play the most important roles when it comes to deciding how to get rid of it. When considering to get rid of junk cars in general, it is important to think about your space and time limitations, because it can help you choose which method to use.

Donating It to a Charity

There are some charities that let you donate your junk cars. Some charities employ people who are able to fully repair such cars, and some of them employ people who either simply recycle them for money or dismantle them for useful parts. The first thing to do is to choose a charity, and you always want to pick one that is a certified 501 (c) (3) organization, because otherwise you may not get a tax benefit.

You can search online to find charities in your area. Pick one charity that you want to contribute to. Next is to determine the value of your car by subtracting the repair costs from the base value. But make sure not to try to get more than it is actually worth, because you probably want to avoid those long auditing processes.

Call the charity to see if they are going to accept your donation. If they accept, you will need to fill a necessary form in order to finalize the deal. When everything is said and done, your car will be picked up by a tow truck.

Selling a Car to a Junk Car Removal Service

It is recommended to use the Internet to locate a number of car removal services, such as U Pull & Pay. Contact a few of them and ask about how much they are willing to pay for your car. They will often pay cash for junk cars. 

Dismantling It For Parts

Another way to make some money is to dismantle your run down car for parts. In North America, there is a big market for used parts. So why would you just throw old parts for nothing when you can sell them and get a nice amount of money?