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Restoring Old Tractors And Farm Equipments

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There are a lot of really nice restorations of old cars and trucks but how often do you see a vintage tractor restored with the same care and attention to detail? There is an entire group of people dedicated to doing just that. Tractors building in the early 1920's until the 1970's can be part of these cross section of restoration projects. In some cases, these tractors were very plentiful but they were used so long that there are not very many left in running condition.

Starting A Restoration Project

When you decide to get into a restoration of an old tractor, the first thing you might want to consider is to take stock of what you have that can be reused and what needs to be replaced. It may mean tearing the tractor apart and going through all the parts carefully to really get an accurate inventory. Remember to tag parts as they come off the tractor and bag up any small parts in plastic baggies with a label on them. This will make it much easier to identify the parts when it comes time to reinstall them later. If you can find a repair or service manual for the tractor you are working on, they can be very helpful to have.

Make The Details Count.

n the case of an older tractor like the International Farmall, you are only looking at a production run lasting into the early 70's so the parts may be hard to find but the little details in these old tractors will really stand out. If you are refurbishing pieces, take the time to really go over them, cleaning, painting, and restoring the parts one at a time. Paying attention to the details on each piece will create a better overall project when the tractor is reassembled later on.

Finding Parts

If you need to find parts for these old tractors, you will have to do some research. They are out there but you can't just walk into the dealer to get them. Swap meets, tractor shows, and restoration clubs are all good places to start looking for these things. Be careful if you are looking on the internet because there are counterfeit parts out there that will lower the value of your restoration.

Showing Off Your Beauty

Once the tractor is done, you might want to take it out and show it off. A good place to do that is at tractor shows, or maybe in a local parade or event. You might be surprised how many people will see these old tractors and have a childhood memory that is sparked from them. In some cases, you will run into people who used these tractors on the family farm and seeing one restored can be a great experience for them.

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